Market Street strip club Crazy Horse has already opened back up, and the rest will remove the masks and fully reopen next Friday — with the Hustler Club offering free admission to vaccinated guests.

The dirty little secret of San Francisco strip clubs (OK they probably have quite a few dirty little secrets) is that almost all of them are owned by the same person — or at least, the same company. According to a 2019 Examiner report, “The vast majority of the strip clubs in San Francisco — 10 out of 12 — are owned or managed by BSC Management. The only exceptions are the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre and The Crazy Horse.”

And with the recent closure of the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, that means 10 of 11 of them are owned or managed by BSC Management.

But next week, their dancers will be taking it off again, and taking off the masks too. SFist has confirmed with Market Street’s Crazy Horse gentlemen’s club that the club has been open again now for more than two months, and in accordance with the June 15 woo-hoo-off-with-the-masks guidance, they will no longer require guests to wear masks after the 15th. (The club is currently operating on limited days and hours Wednesdays through Sundays, so your first chance to enjoy the presence of an unmasked dancer will be Wednesday, June 16).

But lap-dance lovers will really rejoice the following Friday, as SFGate reports that most SF strip clubs will reopen without restrictions June 18. That includes every club not named Crazy Horse, as BSC Management announced in a press release that the Condor Club, the Gold Club, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, and their whole roster of strip joints “will be fully open to the public without restrictions.”

And the Hustler Club is giving free admission to guests who present proof of vaccination!

The above tweet indicates that the Hustler Club also already reopened March 5, so a few of these clubs have been open for some time. The press release was perhaps meant to announce the removal of mask restrictions, and the reopening of all the clubs. And though masks and proof of vaccination will not be required, there will be other yet-undetermined COVID-19 safety measures in place.

"The City of San Francisco is still waiting for the updated guidelines from other agencies such as Cal/OSHA which have not yet been published," BSC Management spokesperson Axel Sang said in a statement to SFGate. "We will update the specific safety measures once all of the governmental agencies have finalized their guidance."

From social media posts, it appears the Gold Club also reopened March 5. They’ve tweeted plenty since then, but realize that clicking on their links may not necessarily be Safe For Work — if that's still a thing.

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Image: Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club via Yelp