For Saturday's home game against the Chicago Cubs at Oracle Park, the San Francisco Giants will sport LGBTQ Pride colors on their uniforms for the first time — and becoming the first team in Major League Baseball ever to recognize Pride Month in this way.

The June 5 uniforms will include a rainbow Progress Pride patch on the right sleeves, and the team's caps that day will have the SF logo embroidered in Progress Pride colors — not just the rainbow, but including the black, brown, and Trans Pride colors as well.

"We are extremely proud to stand with the LGBTQ+ community as we kick off one of the best annual celebrations in San Francisco by paying honor to the countless achievements and contributions of all those who identify as LGBTQ+ and are allies of the LGBTQ+ community,” said Giants CEO Larry Baer in a statement released by the team on Tuesday.

The team's statement notes that the 11 colors of the Progress Pride Flag "signify inclusion and progression" as well as LGBTQ pride.

Not surprisingly, the move has attracted plenty of hate on the Giants' social media accounts, including on Facebook — with one angry white man exclaiming in a comment, "I'm done with the MLB!" But the post has attracted plenty of support as well.

Saturday's game at Oracle is for "Pride Day" at the park, and proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to SF Pride. There will also be SF Pride t-shirts for sale, as the Mercury News reports.

Also at Saturday's game, the Giants will be honoring former SF Supervisor and California State Assemblymember Tom Ammiano. Ammiano was the first openly gay teacher in San Francisco, and he recently made national headlines when an appeal to his Catholic high school in New Jersey resulted in them sending him a varsity letter that he was denied when he was a student athlete on the track team — ostensibly because he was outwardly effeminate.

Next weekend, Oracle Park is hosting two Pride Movie Nights, as part of this year's Frameline film festival. And in honor of that and this weekend's game, the palm trees in Willie Mays Plaza have been wrapped in rainbow colors and lights as well.

Top image via SF Giants