• A ninth victim has died following Wednesday's shooting at the VTA maintenance yard in downtown San Jose. None of the victims have yet been publicly identified; also, we learned that the shooter was carrying two semi-automatic pistols and 11 magazines of ammunition. [Chronicle]
  • A motive in the shooting is still not known, but the shooter's ex-wife continues to talk, and he apparently harbored a lot of resentment toward coworkers. Cecilia Nelms, who was married to the suspected shooter Sam Cassidy for ten years, said he talked about killing coworkers more than a decade ago, and complained about "unfair" assignments at work. [Associated Press]
  • An eyewitness to the shooting says that Cassidy likely had specific targets at the workplace, and let multiple people live. Longtime VTA employee Kirk Bertolet said this should be a story about how the VTA treats its employees, and the culture of some union shops. [ABC 7]
  • Construction begins today on the massive Potrero Power Station project, which will bring 2,477 new housing units to the Potrero waterfront. Vertical construction isn't set to begin until 2023, with completion in 2029, and the development also includes 1.1 million square feet of commercial space and a 250-room hotel. [SF Business Times]
  • The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced Wednesday that it was reducing water shipments to the Santa Clara County water district by more than half. This means that the county is likely to impose mandatory water-use restrictions starting in June. [Chronicle]
  • A new study out of Stanford about so-called COVID "long-haulers" suggests that a not insignificant number of people who had serious COVID cases will continue to have symptoms like shortness of breath for a long time after. [CBS SF]
  • As more questions are being raised about the origins of the coronavirus in Wuhan, President Biden has ordered an official intelligence inquiry into the Chinese virology lab where workers were apparently sickened. [New York Times]

Top image via surveillance video of the San Jose shooter before the shooting