Saturday may still be a bit breezy, but by Sunday and Monday you should be seeing some warm days — maybe even beach days — in San Francisco and all over the Bay.

A ridge of high pressure is building over the eastern Pacific on Sunday that will start a warming trend for the Bay Area that extends through Tuesday. As NBC Bay Area reports, that's already led the National Weather Service to begin warning the elderly and vulnerable to avoid outdoor activities at the end of the holiday weekend.

According to ABC 7's Mike Nicco, Saturday will be the coolest day of the week with steady onshore winds and a cold front passing north. Still, inland temps will hit the 80s on Saturday, and even around the Bay side of the city could see 68-degree highs (or better).

On Sunday, inland temps go up to 90 with almost guaranteed 70s in the city, if not 80. And on Monday, highs inland could top 100 degrees, and even though Nicco is saying the coastal high is only 64, this could be the holiday weekend beach day we dreamt of all last year.

Otherwise, at worst, it will be a very warm park day in SF, and a scorcher in the North and East Bay.

You've been warned.

Photo: Chalo Garcia