You cannot go see or pet these adorable coyote pups, as their Botanical Garden home is an “Active Coyote Den Area,” but a Coyote Cam offers some pics of the little critters.

Coyotes have pretty much had their run of the place here in San Francisco during the ghost-town pandemic period, nibbling on rats in the Financial District, howling in North Beach, and creating trouble for dogs in the Presidio. And now that we’re into pupping season, that means baby coyote time.

As you can see from the above wildlife cam shot in Golden Gate Park’s San Francisco Botanical Garden, we’ve got seven of the little nippers in the park right now. The Chronicle reports that this litter of coyote pups has necessitated the closure of a few trails and some additional fencing off of areas, though it is a natural thing that happens every year.

“I want to stress this isn’t unusual,” Rec and Parks spokesperson Tamara Aparton told the Chronicle. “Coyote denning is a yearly occurrence in our parks. Human visitors are not in danger, but should stay away during this sensitive time for the coyote family and report sightings to animal control.”

Image: San Francisco Recreation & Parks

The little pups are now at the point where they will wander out of the den, and fortunately, the Botanical Garden is an area of the park that requires separate ticketed admission, and only service dogs are allowed. They’re likely congregating near that particular camera because there’s a tarp that catches the sun and is comfy for their warmth.

The parents are away for these shots, probably hunting for food or scaring off any potential predators. And human, they see you as a predator. We should not go near these pups or their awesome parents, and we certainly should not feed them any of our people food. There is even an eight-foot chain link fence that is intended to keep them out of this area, though that was apparently no match for the coyotes.

“They are good diggers and good jumpers,” Animal Care & Control spokesperson Deb Campbell told the Chronicle. “Coyotes are wily.”

“Wily.” Wocka wocka….

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Image: San Francisco Recreation & Parks