As the destruction and overarching chaos — that's included the leveling of a building home to the media offices of the Associated Press and Al Jazeera — between Israeli and Palestinian forces continues, people in several U.S. cities rallied over this weekend to denounce the violence; San Francisco was no different.

Today marked the single deadliest day in the recent Israeli-Palestine conflict, to date. Two Israeli airstrikes in Gaza killed at least 43 Palestinians — including eight children — and injured 50 others early Sunday, marking a new level of violence in the current Israel-Palestinian conflict. (As we mentioned before: Just a day prior, an airstrike demolished the high-rise building which housed several news outlets; the structure, however, was previously evacuated out of caution.)

The past seven days have seen hundreds of people, including young children, have died from actions taken by the Israeli military. And this explosion of inhumanity prompted thousands in San Francisco to take to the streets, up in arms over the recent violence and calling to "free Palestine."

“I’m out here because I’m against the injustice that’s happening to indigenous people all around the world,” said pro-Palestine protester Norma Gallegos to KRON4. “The Palestinian people have been in that place for a long time and it’s up to us in the U.S. to stop the funding that we have been sending to the state of Israel.”

Another demonstrated said they want to show "the Biden administration that the Palestinian people are one unity and we need to ask [the Presdient]" to stop sending aid to the apartheid state of Israel."

“Enough is enough, our people have been suffering for the last 70 years," they concluded. Judging by the thousands of held signs lambasting the violence against Palensiten held across San Francisco yesterday, that "enough is enough" couldn't ring more true.

To save your digist from scrolling through Twitter hashtags and retweets, here's a look into Saturday's "Free Palestine" demonstrations held throughout the seven-by-seven.

Image: Twitter/@AROCBayArea