• The ten Santa Clara Valley reservoirs are only 16% full — far below their 20-year historical average of 26%. Collectively, these stores support half the water use in the Santa Clara Valley; groundwater reserves in the area, however, still appear to be in good shape (for the time being). [KRON4]
  • An elderly San Francisco woman, whose deemed "at-risk," has been missing for almost two weeks. 84-year-old Rosetta Freshley was last seen at her 900 block of Steiner Street residence was on April 17; SFPD is actively looking for the community elder; Freshley was last described as possibly wearing black and white leggings and a shirt at the time of her disappearance. [KPIX]
  • Joshua Stewart, a research associate with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), said to the Guardian that he's not all too worried about the recent series of Bay Area whale deaths. Stewart added “[it's] not an isolated event and to some extent that puts me at ease, personally" and that gray whale populations, too, could soon reach an all-time high. [Guardian]
  • But the same quasi-good news can't be said about populations of West Coast leatherback sea turtles, which have seen an 80% decline in their numbers over a 28-year period. [Mongabay]
  • Business Insider would like to remind you that cities like NYC and SF are "alive and well," despite the tech exodus fanfare. [Business Insider]
  • Though the Pacific Northwest COVID-19 surge among adults is worrisome, UCSF doctors deduce that California's vaccine rollout – which is presently outpacing those in Oregon and Washington — will mitigate any potential outbreaks in the state, if they even happen in the first place. [ABC7]
  • As it turns out: A lot of described side effects from vaccinated people aren't from the inoculations themselves... but rather the self-induced anxieties around receiving those shots. [NBC Bay Area]

Image: High angle view of Anderson Reservoir, a man made lake in Morgan Hill, managed by the Santa Clara Valley Water District, maintained at low level due to failure risk in case of earthquake. (Photo: Getty Images/Sundry Photography)