April 20th is quickly approaching, and every cannabis connoisseur on the planet knows what that means: it’s our universal sign to observe 420!

There are several origin stories surrounding how 420 came about, from Bob Marley’s birthday (he was born on February 6th, yet the rumor persists) to Bob Dylan’s (also wrong). But as far as cannabis researchers can calculate, 420 seems to have actually been coined by a group of American high schoolers back in the 1970s Bay Area.

The friend group would meet up every day after practice at San Rafael High School, always at 4:20 p.m. Eventually, “420” became shorthand for “time to smoke,” and like most turns of phrases, it made its way around the world to become the commonly-used toker’s call-to-action of today.

In 2021, 420 means so much more than the perfect time to smoke. It signals lifestyle, a sense of community, and a cheeky way to connect with your fellow stoners in the simplest, most blissful way possible.

2020’s antics forced last year’s 420 activities to be a little underwhelming and largely solitary, but with the promise of summer coming, there may still be a few ways to make the most out of 4/20/2021 in the Bay Area.

Take this shift in energy and weather as a sign to go all out this 420. Just make sure to stay safe and always put your health and the health of those around you first:

1. Movie Marathon + Pineapple Express

Although COVID-19 has forced most major events to be indefinitely postponed, there are still a ton of ways to have a low-key but super enjoyable 420. One of the most classic ways to celebrate? A stoner movie marathon.

There are quite a few to choose from, but Tubi’s picks include: Cheech & Chong, Wayne’s World, and Coneheads. Come equipped with--what else?--some of Heavy Hitters’ Pineapple Express, an iconic strain for a day of iconic films.

2. DIY 420 Fest + Sunset OG

Self-coined a “mini Burning Man,” 420 Fest SF is all about celebrating cannabis culture and community. It’s a collaboration of events and activities that usually takes place at and around Dolores Park at the Mission District.

With the pandemic still ongoing, this year’s 420 Fest has been canceled, but that doesn’t mean you can have your own version of the event at home! Grab a small group of like-minded friends if you can do so safely, and plan out your “festival”--music, movies, snacks, and tons of fun.

Pair your at-home adventure with Bloom Farms’ Sunset OG, a discreet cartridge you can puff on all day.

3. Joint Rolling Party + Pope's Pie

If you’re passionate about cannabis and enjoy the ritualistic act of rolling up, having a joint-rolling party might be the best way for you to ring in 420.

Make sure you have a fun variety of rolling papers, filters, and flower galore (bonus points if you load up your joint with oil or wax).

Pair your rolling session with Foxy’s Pope’s Pie, a potent hybrid that allows you to unwind with a smile on your face and open your eyes and ears to new tips and tricks your friends may pass along.

4. 420 Bike Ride + Piña Dream

If you’re trying to celebrate 420 in a way that allows you to enjoy the outdoors, going for a long bike ride is your ideal activity.

Make sure you have one of LEUNE’s latest vaporizer additions, Piña Dream, guaranteed to bring you to a tranquil and serene state as you pedal. Throw on a great playlist, get your heart pumping, and then go home to order some food, veg out, and relax.

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