• Vice President Kamala Harris will be in Oakland for just a few hours today, and the focus of her visit will be on jobs, infrastructure, and clean drinking water. It's Harris's first Bay Area visit since the inauguration, and she'll be joined by Governor Gavin Newsom at an unnamed East Bay facility. [ABC 7/KTVU]
  • One case of a new "Indian" variant of COVID-19 has been identified in the Bay Area. Researchers at Stanford found the variant, which has two significant spike mutations, and it's not yet clear whether this variant is resistant to vaccines or is any more deadly than others, but it is likely more contagious. [KRON4 / Chronicle]
  • The Supreme Court ruled today in favor of Google in a ten-year-old case brought by Oracle over some code used in developing the Android operating software. Google successfully argued that the segment of code at issue, relating to Java, was an industry-accepted example of fair use. [Associated Press]
  • The court also dismissed a case brought by the Knight First Amendment Institute regarding Trump's habit of blocking critics on Twitter to silence them, with the justices saying it was moot now that Trump was permanently banned from Twitter. [KTVU]
  • Police in Santa Rosa were called to the scene of a house party around 5 a.m. Sunday where a man was found fatally shot. [NBC Bay Area]
  • It's coyote pupping season, so some trails in the Presidio are closed to dogs — and you should be careful with your dogs out near Stern Grove too. [Bay City News]
  • A trio of small- to medium-strength earthquakes rattled Los Angeles in the pre-dawn hours this morning. [LA Times]
  • Only about 100,000 people in the U.S. traveled for Easter weekend through TSA checkpoints last year, but this year it was up to 1.5 million people on Thursday and Friday. [KRON4]

Photo: Claudia Lorusso