• Legal experts spoken to by the Chronicle are generally dismissive of the new lawsuit filed yesterday by school board member Alison Collins. Collins is suing the district and fellow board members for millions of dollars claiming a violation of her civil rights. [Chronicle]
  • Governor Gavin Newsom waited until today to get his vaccine shot, now that he's among the 50+ set. [NBC Bay Area]
  • California has now given out more than 18 million vaccine doses. [KRON4]
  • Temperatures broke records on Wednesday, with San Francisco breaking a high temp record set in 2011 — and next week there is a slight chance of rain coming, at least to the North Bay. [Chronicle]
  • For the newly eligible 50+ crowd, here are some more tips and tricks for getting a vaccine appointment — including the very late hour at which CVS seems to post new slots. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Police in Alameda are searching for a runaway 14-year-old girl who posted a video in December that suggested she was being hurt by her stepmother. [Chronicle]
  • Virgin Hotels San Francisco is the subject of yet another lawsuit, this one over a deposit that was not refunded for a canceled event last year. [SF Business Times]
  • The new CEO of Alaska Airlines says the company is looking into electric aircraft. [SF Business Times]
  • President Biden is in a precarious position trying to express some victory in the pandemic fight but also urge caution to a pandemic-fatigued country as cases rise in some states. [New York Times]

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