• Daylight savings has arrived (and left us with an hour less of sleep). The practice of advancing clocks during warmer months was adopted in the United States in 1918 to accommodate for the spring and summer's darker days — though there's a growing movement away to getting rid of this norm because its "cost-cutting roots" aren't really applicable, anymore. [New York Times]
  • Faction Brewing in Alameda released its "no more TIERS'' beer at its reopening this weekend. "It's been really great to see all the happy faces out here," says Claudia Pamparana, Faction Brewing co-owner, about the brewery opening its doors again to the public. "Even though it's freezing cold, people are happy to be out here." [ABC7]
  • Amid a time of increased spotlight on police activity, the San Jose Police Department saw overtime hours among its staff skyrocket over the past decade, according to a new report released by the city auditor. [San Jose Spotlight]
  • A pop-up COVID-19 vaccine and testing clinic at the San Leandro BART station started this weekend, as part of an ongoing effort to make testing and vaccination more available in marginalized communities. [NBC Bay Area]
  • As palm oil plantations continue to circumnavigate the world, they've started wreaking environmental havoc on an already hurting Amazon. [Mongabay]
  • A reminder that millions of Californians will qualify for COVID-19 vaccines tomorrow. [KTVU]
  • The Get My Payment tool from the IRS is surprisingly working — so be sure to check to see if your $1.4K payment is coming your way, soon. [IRS.com]

Image: Getty Images/Sundry Photography