A hail shower Wednesday morning in Santa Rosa reportedly led to a six-car crash in the western part of the city, and possibly also to a big-rig crash involving three vehicles on 101.

A significant amount of hail fell between 9:30 and 10 a.m. Wednesday in isolated parts of Sonoma County, and one squall has reportedly led to a six-car crash on Guerneville Road between Fulton and Willowside roads. Local resident Mike Kobler reported on the crash on social media, saying to avoid the area.

Update: The accumulation of hail looked like snow or slush on the road in Santa Rosa, as the Sonoma County Sheriff's Twitter account shows us.

West Sonoma County resident @ogreggory on Twitter posted the video below showing the hail shower. There have not been any other reports of hail broadly in the county since several showers on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service confirmed that it was seeing reports of "small hail pile up" in and around Santa Rosa.

A separate crash occurred around the same time on Highway 101 north of the Hopper Avenue off-ramp. A big rig was reportedly in the center divide, with three vehicles involved, and another vehicle blocking the right-hand lane.

It's not yet clear whether the hailstorm played a role in this crash. We'll update you as we learn more.