Mass-vaccination sites across the state of California are in need of volunteers. For those eager to get a vaccine shot before they're eligible without committing any ethical misdeeds, there may be opportunities in your area to volunteer some time and receive a vaccine as a community health worker.

The state is rolling out the new site MyTurnVolunteer, which allows both people with some medical experience or those without to sign up to become a greeter, volunteer coordinator, a registration desk attendant, or a shot administerer — people with medical or dental training, and pharmacists, can give out shots.

"The quickest way to ensure the safety of Californians is by increasing our state’s vaccination abilities, and My Turn – Volunteer will provide the volunteer resources needed to quickly vaccinate all Californians in our fight against COVID-19,” said the state's Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday, in a statement.

Volunteers may have to sign up for eight-hour shifts in some locations, but some sites only require four-hour shifts.

Cristina Valdivia Aguilar, a spokesperson for California Volunteers, tells SFGate, "If you volunteer for four hours or more you're classified within one of the tiers. You're classified as a community health worker from the California essential workforce list."

Many volunteers at vaccination sites across the state have succeeded in getting their vaccines early — and at some of the larger sites, daily staffing requirements are very big.

Aguilar says that prospective volunteers should sign up and not be discouraged if they don't see an opportunity available right away. The site is new as of Monday and more volunteer slots will be added in the coming days and weeks.

Go to MyTurnVolunteer to fill in your info.

Photo: Steven Cornfield