• The $650 million budget deficit San Francisco was facing over the next two years has been wiped away by the federal stimulus bill Biden is about to sign. If hotel, sales, and business taxes don't bounce back soon, though, the city will be in trouble when the next budget rolls around. [Chronicle]
  • Confirming last week's report by KTVU, the California Department of Public Health has confirmed that 6,300 people likely got "slightly" under-dosed at the Coliseum vaccination site on February 28 and March. Cheap syringes were leaving vaccine behind inside them, and the problem was soon rectified, and officials say that the average dose that group got — around 0.22ml vs. the recommended 0.3ml — is just fine. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Ghost Ship defendant Derick Almena was sentenced today to 12 years in jail, but he won't go back behind bars and will finish his sentence at home with an ankle monitor. Almena, whose 2019 trial ended in a hung jury on the question of his guilt in the 2016 blaze that killed 36 people, was also sentenced to pay restitutions of $181,000 to victims families, for funeral expenses and counseling. [KTVU]
  • The seven-day average new-case rate for COVID in San Francisco hit a four-month low today of 52. [Socketsite]
  • Still under legal threat from the city, the SF Unified School District released more detailed plans about its reopening of classes in April. [Chronicle]
  • A large-scale new study found that severe obesity greatly increases one's risk for death from COVID. [New York Times]
  • Stephane Ficaja, who has been the head of Uber Eats' U.S. and Canada markets for just six months, is leaving the company, and a seven-year veteran at Uber in the rides division is taking his place. [SF Business Times]

Photo: Gordon Mak