• Citing fiscal sorrows spurred by the pandemic, Goodwill Industries announced it plans to shutter at least eight Bay Area retail stores. Locations in Oakley, Livermore, Dublin, and other cities are expected to close soon — resulting in 61 employees being laid off; employees that are let go will “receive a separation package that will include one week of pay, a month of health benefits, and individual career services including resume development and assistance, mock interviews, job search, and potential placements, and assistance applying for EDD benefits.” [KPIX]
  • An unspoken casualty from COVID-19 is the dry cleaning industry. The National Cleaners Association, a trade group representing 1800 businesses across the country, has estimated that about one in six dry cleaners has gone out of business nationwide; for those walking around downtown San Francisco, passing boarded-up coin-operated laundromats has become increasingly common in the past few months. [ABC7]
  • SFMTA's Slow Streets survey is still open to fill out... so you can advocate whether or not you think the City initiative should stay active after the pandemic. [SFMTA]
  • It's been almost a year since life (and San Francisco) as we know it forever changed; our relationship with our historically troubled streets, too, has shapeshifted as a result. [SF Examiner]
  • We've already waxed poetic and pragmatic on why denizens of San Francisco are feeling hopeful about the future to come; The Guardian's Vivian Ho is also keen on sowing the "seeds of hope" for a better SF. [Guardian]
  • A San Jose shooting at Bowling Green Drive and Alvin Avenue Saturday night left one man dead. [KRON4]
  • Oh, and the California Department of Health officials would like to quell your anxieties and assure you that if you received a possible "less-than-ideal dose" of a Pfizer vaccine at the Oakland Coliseum on March 1, you're still golden. [KTVU]
  • Regarding when those who qualify will receive a third stimulus check: payments will start to go out later this month, perhaps even next week. [Washington Post]

Image: Getty Images/DianeBentleyRaymond