A mural on one of SF's Slow Streets — a block of Sanchez Street in Noe Valley between 24th and Elizabeth streets — now has a very tall/long new mural that is best viewed via drone.

It's the work of local artist Amos Goldbaum, who may be best known for his t-shirts and hoodies featuring line drawings of Muni trains and iconic San Francisco scenes. And it was funded by the neighborhood group Friends of Slow Sanchez, with Goldbaum putting the final touches on it this week, as the Chronicle reports. He's been documenting his progress on Instagram, and suffice it to say it's an orange, line-based mural depicting Victorians, steps, a lone palm tree, and Sutro Tower — with the latter bedazzled with fine glass beads that should make it shimmer when headlights hit it at night.

As Goldbaum tells the Chronicle today, the biggest challenge of the project was the sheer scale and "horizontal-ness" of the thing. "Having to kind of bend over and crouch over is just a unique challenge for this one," he said. "I think mural work in general is physical, which is kind of what’s interesting about it, as opposed to just drawing with the pen. It’s true about all murals — usually I’m on a ladder or on my feet at least."

You can get more of a sense of the piece by watching his Instagram Story highlights here, or looking at the Chronicle's drone footage.