The fellow who gained fame for a TikTok Fleetwood Mac video was in SF last week, and players didn’t love him but instead broke into his family’s two rental cars.


Nathan Apodaca, colloquially known on TikTok as @420doggface208, is not exactly a household name. But his viral TikTok video of some chill skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" while drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice has launched his career as a legitimate B-list influencer, and he now has a merchandise line, the occasional promotional deal, and a publicist (whom we he shares with JWoww and Honey Boo Boo).

These spoils of his newfound viral success afforded “Doggface” and his family a leisurely trip to San Francisco last week. But it was not all Ocean Spray and honey for them, as TMZ reports their two rental cars were broken into.

The TMZ report does seem to contain some exaggeration and perhaps even inaccuracies (surprise!). Most notably, the break-ins that occurred at Twin Peaks happened, in TMZ’s words,  after Apodaca and family “pulled up to the Twin Peaks Overlook, and ended up parking and locking their rented Suburban and Pathfinder in a garage down below.” There is of course no public parking garage at Twin Peaks, though there is a small outdoor lot near the Christmas Tree viewing area. But it may have been a private garage, or it may have been a garage elsewhere in town.

Another Tucker Carlson-esque claim by TMZ is that the Apodaca family then “Goes to L.A. in Fear.” This is completely undermined by Apodaca’s own words in his TMZ interview on the subject.

“The reason why we came [to Los Angeles] is because it was easier to get on a flight in L.A. without a license and everything,” Apodaca told TMZ (purses and wallets were stolen in the incident). “It ain’t no thing. It was just a little speed bump in our trip.”

Moreover, the stolen items were found and are being returned. “Somebody found the purses down the road,” he continues. “They contacted my mom, so they’re sending them so we can use them to actually get on the flight."

420doggface208 Nathan Apodaca seems to be pretty calm and understanding with regards to the break-in incident. We do hope he and his family can come back for one of the stated reasons for the trip — to check out the new mural of him on the boarded up windows outside the CVS at Haight and Fillmore Streets.

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Image: @420doggface208 via TikTok