A fire at a homeless encampment in the Bayview on Wednesday sent a plume of smoke over the city, and it's the second time in four months that an encampment in the neighborhood has burned.

The fire was reported just before 9 a.m. Wednesday, and San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson Lieutenant Jonathan Baxter discussed the incident via the Citizen video you can see below.

Large Outdoor Fire @CitizenApp

1395 Wallace Ave 8:50:15 AM PST

The fire broke out at what Baxter describes as "non-traditional housing" on state-owned land at 1395 Wallace Street. There were multiple makeshift structures on the property that Baxter said made the firefight difficult, as walls and roofs collapsed in the blaze.

No injuries were reported, and the fire was contained and mostly extinguished by 10 a.m.

Baxter also noted the presence of needles and drug paraphernalia on the site, which made it "difficult for firefighters to safely get into specific areas to extinguish this."

Baxter said that people residing in the encampment would be provided replacement housing by the city.

Back in October, another fire broke out at an encampment about 15 blocks away, on a property adjacent to the Caltrain tracks near Oakdale Avenue. That fire burned what was described as a "treehouse" that had been built into the hillside by the tracks, and the fire caused a temporary disruption in Caltrain service.

Also in October, an encampment fire closer to the center of San Francisco, at 165 South Van Ness Avenue, spread to a nearby commercial building, causing damage.

More recently, a large fire at a homeless encampment in the Eastlake neighborhood of Oakland spread to a nearby building. That fire, which began early last Saturday, destroyed the Vietnamese American Community Center of the East Bay, which helps distribute 10,000 meals to needy residents every week.

Photo via Citizen