While there seems to be steady improvement both in the COVID hospitalization picture and in case counts both in the Bay Area and statewide, no local county improved its tier status for reopening this week. But SF Mayor London Breed gave an update on the vaccine rollout in the city that was fairly hopeful — with the next phase of eligibility only two weeks away.

Across the state of California, the percent of positive COVID cases coming up in testing has come down significantly since the new year began. The state's average percent-positivity rate hit 5.4% earlier this week, according to a USA Today analysis of Johns Hopkins case-tracking data (and Governor Gavin Newsom noted the "5%" figure in a Monday address) — though according to the state's updated data that published Tuesday, the seven-day average statewide remains at 8.5%, down from 10% on February 2. In San Francisco, the seven-day average hit 2.7% on Tuesday — down from 2.9% last week. That metric puts the city down in the "Orange" tier for reopening, but the daily number of new cases per 100,000 residents is keeping us in the "Purple" tier for now.

You may recall that the percent-positivity rate in Los Angeles County hit 20% in early January, and statewide, the 14-day average percent-positivity rate hit a peak of 14% on January 8. That peak topped only the early days of the pandemic when testing was not widely available, and a subsequent spike on April 21, 2o2o when the 14-day average hit 12.6%.

Meanwhile, as of Monday, 4.65 million Californians had received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine — and as SFist reported, nearly 800,000 Bay Area residents had received one shot, with that number expected to escalate quickly as mass-vaccination sites that opened in recent days in multiple counties get rolling.

"Everything that should be up is up, everything that should be down is down," Newsom said during a news conference at San Diego's Petco Park, which is serving as a mass vaccination center. "That is encouraging news."

Mayor London Breed announced Tuesday that San Francisco is now regularly vaccinating 4,000 people per day, with a new high over 5,000 on MOnday. The city expects to move to Phase 1B of the vaccination schedule on February 24. Phase 1B includes grocery store and restaurant workers, transportation workers, teachers, emergency services workers, and childcare professionals. "We're ready to keep ramping up as soon as we start receiving more vaccines," she said.

Once you're eligible, you can go to this city website to schedule an appointment at one of the city's vaccination sites, no insurance necessary.

The only county in California to change tier status this week is Del Norte County, way up near the Oregon border, which moves from "Purple" to "Red."

Below, the full map, as it stands.

Map via California's Blueprint for a Safer Economy website

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