A car was found Wednesday after apparently careening off of eastbound Highway 92 in San Mateo County and crashing at the bottom of a ravine, but no injured driver or passengers were anywhere to be seen — only some footprints leading away from the crash back up the hillside.

Cal Fire CZU posted images of the crash site and the broken guardrail along Highway 92 near Skyline Boulevard (Hwy 35). A passing motorist reportedly called in after seeing the broken guardrail around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, and arriving fire personnel found the crashed vehicle, a white compact of unknown make or model, off the side of the road. Weirdly, this is a spot where another car careened off the road and crashed about a year ago, and the latest flying car crash-landed on top of the abandoned crashed car that's still sitting down there.

Photo: Cal Fire CZU/Twitter

Highway 92, also known as San Mateo Road, leads from the San Mateo Bridge west through South San Mateo and over the mountains to Half Moon Bay on the coast.

Photos from the scene appear to show an area with a wide shoulder off to the side of the eastbound lanes of the road, at a spot where the roadway turns — and it looks like at least two drivers in the last year have managed to not turn the wheel in time and head right off the edge.

Does it still count against your insurance if you skulk away from the scene and never call it in? I think it does.