Early February is looking mostly warm, spring-like and dry for much of the Bay Area, but first we have to get past the cold front moving in Monday.

Winds are picking up as of early Monday afternoon and scattered rain will begin falling first in the North Bay, and then down the coast in San Francisco and eventually Monterey. Predicted storm totals this time are a lot less than what we saw last week, with less than an inch of rainfall in most areas and only about a third of an inch in SF.

But there will be a chilling wind out there through Tuesday and scattered showers, likely into Wednesday, before another warm and dry pattern returns, as the National Weather Service tells us.

As KPIX reports, afternoon rain in the North Bay and on the SF Peninsula will eventually make it to the South Bay this evening. Daytime highs will be in the 50s, and into the 60s down south, but overnight lows will likely dip into the mid-40s.

By Thursday, though, it will be sunny and somewhat warmer in San Francisco, with a warming trend that will bring temperature in the high 60s to wine country and elsewhere and around the Bay by the weekend.

The last year has been the third driest on record for the region, and while this rainy season isn't over, it is not looking so far like we have drought-ending storms coming our way. The rains that arrived in late January were typical of a La Nina pattern like the one we're in, but the rest of the season needs to bring massive rains to make up for an extra-dry December and early January.