• One last series of King Tides will hit the Northern California coast on Monday and Tuesday. There is a chance of coastal flooding, flooding on roadways like Highway 37 in the North Bay, and water lapping up over the Embarcadero seawall. [KRON4]
  • A San Jose man in his 30s was caught in high surf and swept out to sea Sunday afternoon in the Marin Headlands near Point Bonita. The man and his friends were reportedly scrambling along rocks when he was hit by a wave, and he remains missing. [NBC Bay Area]
  • A woman is missing after being hit by high surf while possibly hunting for mussels or fishing near Pescadero State Beach in San Mateo County. She and her husband were both swept into the water, but the husband made it back to shore. [Chronicle]
  • In a letter to colleagues on Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House "will proceed" with bringing at least one article of impeachment against President Trump to the House floor this week. The first article, contending abuse of power and inciting "an insurrection" was released Monday morning. [Associated Press]
  • Santa Clara County recorded 36 new COVID deaths on Sunday. [SFist]
  • 20 people, including 12 children, needed to be rescued in Santa Cruz harbor on Sunday after large waves capsized four to five small sailboats. [KTVU]
  • Stanford's freshman and sophomore classes were expected to arrive on campus for winter quarter, however the school just informed them all to remain at home until the spring, after 43 students on campus have tested positive for COVID-19. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is on the February cover of Vogue, but her team is disappointed with the photo that the editors chose. [Associated Press]
  • Melania Trump has issued a useless statement telling Americans to "stop the violence," but also saying that she finds it "shameful" that anyone would use last week's events for "unwarranted personal attacks, and false misleading accusations on me." [New York Times]

Photo: Getty Images