• A ring of suspended ice crystals — known as a moon ring or winter halo — captivated denizens of the Bay Area Saturday night. The atmospheric anomaly specifically occurs when when "ice crystals suspended high above in thin wispy cirrus clouds refract the moon's light to form a perfect circle," per ABC7  Meteorologist Drew Tuma says; winter halos, in fact, don't aren't flat — but rather sit on a 22-degree angle. [ABC7]
  • Looks like yesterday's rain's got the better of the now-famous gingerbread monolith at Corona Heights Park. KQED's own Joe Fitzgerald — as well as a passerby in the park — discovered the crumbled gingerbread house later yesterday after the Christmas Day rains. [Twitter]
  • An Oakland teen who helped educate local kids about the merits of science just got accepted into Stanford. [Mercury News]
  • Here are (even more) pictures and videos of what Christmas day looked like in San Francisco's Mission District. [Mission Local]
  • Cal Fire officials have said that this year’s hellacious wildfire season will end Monday. [KRON4]
  • But globally speaking: Wildfires continue to run rampant in Brazil's Pantanal region — with now over 4.5 million acres burned this year alone. [Mongabay]
  • Firefighters helped to rescue a man trapped inside a burning house along San Mateo's Skyline Boulevard Saturday night. [KPIX]
  • California nursing home residents are slated to start receiving COVID-19 vaccines soon through a partnership with pharmacy gargantuan CVS and Walgreens. [SF Public Press]
  • And because of Trump’s catastrophic negligence and odious stubbornness, millions will now have a lapse in their unemployment benefits as the current COVID-19 relief bill sits in limbo — and unsigned. [NPR]

Image: Getty Images via akrassel