Frustratingly, the Bay Area is still not out of the woods for this fire season, and a second rare December Red Flag Warning could come with a second wind event in the middle of this week.

A Red Flag Warning issued for Sunday night and today expires at 5 p.m. Monday. But as ABC 7 meteorologist Mike Nicco reports, more gusty winds could be coming on Wednesday night, leading to yet more fire danger. Nicco says that biggest threat will be starting around 5 p.m. Wednesday, and it could extend into Thursday morning.

"By noon Thursday the fire threat should be over," Nicco said.

As with previous Red Flag Warnings this fire season, the greatest danger will be where the gusts are strongest: the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Diablo Range, the East Bay hills, and the North Bay hills.

The National Weather Service, for the record, has not yet indicated that a second Red Flag Warning is coming.

Update: Nicco has chimed back in to say a second Red Flag Warning is looking less likely due to changes in wind and humidity.

Giving us further cause for concern, Nicco points to the last time Red Flag Warnings extended into December and January, which was at the height of the drought in the winter of 2013/2014. The last time we had a December Red Flag Warning was in 2017, and previously there was one in 2013 in which winds helped spark the Pfeiffer Fire in Big Sur on December 15 that year. That was followed by three Red Flags in January 2014, and Nicco suggests that if rains don't arrive in force before then, we could see a similar pattern take shape.

Just what you wanted to hear, right!?

In better news, as SFist noted last week via the National Weather Service, while immediate rainfall remains out of sight, it is not uncommon for a dry December to be followed by a drenching in January and February in a La Niña year like the one we're in.

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Image via the National Weather Service