A demonstration in support of Indian farmers that initially started in Oakland Saturday morning continued into San Francisco this afternoon, stopping at the Indian consulate at 540 Arguello Boulevard before eventually turning back toward its East Bay starting point.

Earlier in September, three new laws passed in India to deregulate the country's agriculture by encouraging farmers to sell directly to large companies. However, farming advocates still fear these pieces of legislation will further decrease the already small profits farmers yield from their work in the country; it's estimated around 70 percent of India's rural households depend primarily on farming for their livelihoods. Protests have since erupted this week in New Delhi, as well as other parts of India and around the world, to denounce the laws — calling attention to both Indian farming rights and the need for the country to impose suitable price assurances (because the language of the new laws, per NPR, is "vague” at best).

And a civic demonstration in support of the above moved into San Francisco after   beginning in Oakland today, having previously caused traffic delays on the Bay Bridge.

KRON4 reported on this morning's bumper-to-bumper conditions spurred by the car caravan that continued into SF. Today's demonstrations also come after other like-minded rallies at the Indian consulate took place earlier in the week.

Scene outside Indian consulate in the Inner Richmond. (Courtesy of SFist scource)

"I saw cars [double-parked] for several blocks along Anza Street and Arguello Boulevard," a source close to SFist, who found themselves in the area of the protest while walking their dog, shared Saturday afternoon. "The honking and voices amplified by loudspeakers could be heard throughout the Inner Richmond."

Congestion along Anza Street caused by the car caravan. (Courtesy of SFist scource)

Signage from the rally included banners stating things like “no farmers[,] no food” and that there would be “no future” without agricultural workers.

Videos and pictures on Twitter also showed a vivacious protest scene outside the Indian consulate, with many people in the crowd wearing masks and spacing themselves out from others.

This story is developing, and we will update with any more information.

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Image: Courtesy of SFist scource