• A Bay Area man, Dan Horowitz, was selected to be part of Pfizer's vaccine trial, and he describes the experience of feeling safer than everyone else at an airport as "out of world." Horowitz wasn't told whether he got the vaccine or a placebo, but he tested positive for coronavirus antibodies so he believes he got the vaccine, which he said left him feeling a little tired and sore. [Chronicle]
  • It's sad that we have to do this via poll, but a new Reuters poll finds that 79 percent of Americans believe Biden won the presidency. Polls were off before the election so this one may be too, but only 3 percent of people polled actually believe that Trump won, and 13 percent believe the result is still up in the air. [Reuters]
  • A snowplow driver near Yosemite turned up two dead bodies, and authorities believe they were the victims of a double-homicide. The bodies were dug up along the side of a road in Mono County near Bridgeport. [Chronicle]
  • Two WWII vets in the North Bay, aged 100 and 105, got to fly in a WWII-era plane today over Santa Rosa, in honor of Veterans Day. [KTVU]
  • Students in the Robotics Club at Dublin High School designed a drone that sanitizes the school ahead of its reopening. [KRON4]
  • A YouTube outage was impacting at least a quarter million users in the U.S. today. [CBS SF]
  • Up in the Tahoe area, Heavenly and Northstar are planning to open for the ski season on November 20, and Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are opening November 25. [CBS SF]

Photo: Adam Dillon