Jack Dorsey has sported some ever-lengthening facial hair in the last two years, and between forays into meditation and his rather upsetting daily routine of cold baths, no one should be surprised that he showed up for a bit of Republican political theater today with a truly guru-esque goat beard, and a nose ring.

Dorsey was summoned to appear today, under threat of subpoena, by Republicans on the Senate Commerce Committee alongside Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Google's Sundar Pichai, to answer questions about perceived but not well documented anti-conservative bias on their respective platforms. As CNN reports, though, because this is one week before a majorly consequential election, senators strayed from the supposed topic of the hearing and took the opportunity to question the trio of CEOs on topics including election interference, and antitrust issues.

In response, Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) railed against the proceeding calling it a "sham" and "bullying... for electoral purposes."

But Twitter was mostly focused on Dorsey and that beard, and the nose ring. And, boy howdy, it's quite the quarantine look. The nose ring, as the Chronicle notes, made a reappearance two years ago after Dorsey seemed to officially retire it back in 2011. Looks like it's back to stay!

As one Bay Area person quipped, "Tbh he’s a carhartt beanie & a thrifted sweater away from offering me homemade kombucha at an Oakland house show."