San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFACC) recently announced that they have joined A&E’s original series Live Rescue, a show documenting unscripted emergency calls (that also include those about animals) — so you can now tune in to see local rescues of wayward raccoons and coyotes.

If this year’s proven anything... it’s that we should always expect the unexpected. And given San Francisco’s massive uptick in coyote sightings (not to mention the gang of fearless raccoons that approached passerby in Golden Gate Park), SFACC partnering with A&E on its Live Rescue series shouldn't come as a surprise.

Moreover, the collaboration will now document the SF animal rescues conducted by the dedicated staff at SFACC.  

“San Francisco Animal Care & Control is thrilled to be involved with A&E’s Live Rescue,” says Virginia Donohue, SFACC’s executive director, in a release. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase the compassionate and exciting work of our dedicated staff."

Recent shows following SFAAC's work have included the rescue of a baby raccoon and the saving of a kitten trapped under the hood of a car. (SFAAC appears to actively tweet out when they’ll be featured in an upcoming episodes, should scrolling through A&E’s website prove too cumbersome.)

In tandem with following the work of EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters from across the country, the series also covers agencies that respond to animal rescues for both domestic pets and wildlife; Live Rescue is also hosted by Matt Iseman of NBC's America Ninja Warrior.

For more information on A&E’s Live Rescue, as well as airing times and how you can watch online, visit

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Marauding Gang of Raccoons Spotted In Golden Gate Park, Also a Coyote

Image: Screenshot courtesy of Twitter via @SFACC