A much anticipated restaurant opening for 2020 has made it open, sit-down dining and all. The third restaurant in the mini-empire of chef-owners Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, The Anchovy Bar, has just debuted in the former Fat Angel space (1740 O’Farrell) — around the corner from their other two restaurants, State Bird Provisions and The Progress.

We first heard about the project in early January, and the plan was for a mid-spring opening, and a casual bar space with beer, wine, oysters, and anchovies at the center of the menu. The new concept was inspired by something Brioza created at State Bird Provisions that came to be referred to as "the anchovy protocol." As he explained in the short film below, he was blown away by a delivery of anchovies from his fish purveyor one day that were only about one hour out of the water, delivered directly from the fishermen. And he went about figuring out a way to quick-preserve the small fish to keep them as fresh and flavorful as possible — which involves a brine of garlic, basil, and jalapeños.

Now, as Eater reports, the dedicated Anchovy Bar has become a reality, and as of today (Thursday, October 8) it's open from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. It'll be open the same hours Wednesday through Sunday, until circumstances allow for more.

As Brioza tells Eater, "It’s an all-day oyster bar," and it's meant for casual meals shared over beers or easy-drinking wines that he refers to as "porch crushers." Expect sidewalk seating, as well as three tables indoors (for now).

Also promised on the menu, as previously reported, are a Caesar salad, smoked fish dishes, seafood tartares, and more.

But the reason to go is to revel in those abundant little ocean fish that are a favorite of humpback whales and many humans. You'll find them as Spanish-style bocarones, as shown in the video above atop tomato toasts, or cured and served simply with toasted bread and condiments as seen below.

Photo courtesy of The Anchovy Bar

If you can't get a table do to the pent-up demand for new restaurants like this, State Bird and The Progress both continue serving outdoors with a cute setup just around the corner.

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