• It's deja vu all over again: Wildfire smoke and a heatwave have once again made the air quality around San Francisco and Bay the worst in the world. People with lung conditions and most anyone else is recommended to stay indoors if they weren't already planning to because of a spreading virus. [Chronicle]
  • Already struggling Bay Area businesses trying to lure customers to outdoor activities — like eating — will struggle more as the smoke settles in. [Chronicle]
  • The fire outlook tonight isn't terrific, especially for higher elevations around the Bay, with gusty winds on the way into tomorrow morning.
  • A woman who was found severely beaten inside her Gilroy home on Monday has died of her injuries, and her boyfriend, 49-year-old Izaak Ruben Bermea, has been arrested for her murder. [CBS SF]
  • Once again Facebook has made some fucked up decision to ban QAnon-related groups and recommendations to join those groups, but it won't ban all of the batshit conspiracy-related content (probably because it can't find it all). [Associated Press]
  • Airbnb has officially filed for a confidential IPO with the SEC. [SF Business Times]
  • Salesforce has joined the local companies that won't be calling their employees back to the office until next summer at the earliest. [SF Business Times]
  • Elizabeth Warren speaks at the virtual DNC tonight. [New York Times]
  • She'll be followed by VP candidate Kamala Harris, and former President Barack Obama, who will likely be delivering a barn-burning speech from Philadelphia's Museum of the American Revolution. [ABC 7]

Photo: Justin Sullivan/GettyImages