PG&E is continuing rolling blackouts Tuesday, as necessary, to reduce strain on the electrical grid during this heatwave. And though you won't get advance warning as you would for a fire-safety shutoff, you can check a map to see if you're losing power at some point Tuesday afternoon or evening.

Vast swaths of the Bay Area fall under "Outage Block 50," which will not be seeing their power go off — this includes much of San Francisco and Oakland, and as far north as Santa Rosa. Enter your address here to see whether you fall in this "50" block, and if so, you're all good. (PG&E may be avoiding shutting off power in dense urban areas as much as possible for safety reasons.)

If an Outage Block number and a Sub Outage Block letter appear when you enter your address, you take the number and the letter, put them together, and that's the block number you're looking for on the schedule below. At 4 p.m., for instance, blocks 1K to 1R are losing power for two to three hours.

As ABC7 notes, if you're in outage block 6A to 6F, you fall in the fifth round of outages, and you may not lose power at all if pressure on the grid has stabilized by 8 p.m. But then again you might.

Schedule from PG&E

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images