It's a been a minute since we had the pleasure of BART's Twitter account coming alive with some honest and/or sassy commentary. But whoever's in charge over there this summer, kudos.

Case in point, following an innocuous Thursday post about air filtration on BART's train cars — one in a series of items in BART's campaign to convince people it's safe to ride the trains again — a Twitterer responded asking how well the system will filter out a fart.

BART's communications team was expanding on a piece in the New York Times earlier this week about the New York subway system, which noted that experts recommend air be filtered about eight times per hour to adequately prevent virus particles from spreading among train passengers. "BART cars currently replace air at a much higher rate at 50+/hour," BART tweeted, as part of the thread.

Then we have the question from another Twitter user, Mike Spinney, which surely he didn't think BART would honor with a response. But they did.

There you have it: BART's air system won't let you inhale the farts of others for longer than a minute, but no one can help you if someone shits themselves — which is not exactly uncommon on BART.

The funny reply harkens back to the spring of 2016, when BART had a new young communications associate handling its tweets, Taylor Huckaby. Huckaby was unmasked after a series of surprisingly candid replies to BART riders on the platform, saying things like, "BART was built to transport far fewer people, and much of our system has reached the end of its useful life. This is our reality."

Hucakby is no longer with BART — according to LinkedIn he's moved on to the communications department at Calbright College — so we'll have to wait to see if BART reveals who's been given the Twitter password this summer.

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