A co-founder of Nextdoor, the social platform that brought out the racism and pettiness you always knew was likely surrounding you among neighbors but now have proof of, has decided to leave San Francisco with his family to spend some time in Italy.

Nirav Tolia, the Stanford grad who co-founded Nextdoor in 2008 and stepped down from his role as CEO in December 2018, tells the Wall Street Journal that he is now selling his Pacific Heights home of nine years in order to relocate to Florence — where he and his family were apparently spending time before the pandemic hit. The 1916 home by Legion of Honor architect George Applegarth has been thoroughly remodeled since Tolia bought it as a "wedding present" for his wife in 2011.

The Journal piece glosses over the well documented ill effects of Nextdoor on American society as a whole, and on pockets of San Francisco in particular — where it's used to complain about the homeless and express suspicion about people of color existing on sidewalks, in addition to reporting lost pets and such. And Tolia's departure from the city follows months in which we've heard multiple stories about Bay Area tech employees gladly fleeing now that they can work remotely and still make their high salaries.

In Tolia's case, he says he and the wife and kids will likely return to the Bay Area at some point, but they'll be looking for property "outside the city."

There are multiple mentions of an original, Italianate coffered ceiling that first drew Tolia to the house. And there's a picture of a lawn in the backyard with his kids at play, in front of a terraced landscape.

"The house certainly needed work, but the bones were clearly excellent, and with a little bit of love, I knew it could be a rare and special place to raise our family," Tolia tells the paper.

The address is 2775 Vallejo Street, and the asking price is $25 million. The listing agent is Malin Giddings of Compass, who deals a lot in the upwards-of-$10-million market around Pacific Heights — including a penthouse condo unit nearby that's also listed at $25 million.

And it's apparently a good time to sell with so few luxe properties like this on the market — although it remains to be seen what sale prices at this end of the market will look like in these odd times.

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