Stupidity reigns in California as it does elsewhere in the U.S. as too many people seem to not understand what "quarantine" and "potentially deadly virus" mean, or they are simply too stupid to care.

Assuming this isn't a fake (it is Reddit), an anonymous Mill Valley family is being publicly shamed on Reddit this week after what seems to be a Facebook post by the mom openly announcing that they decided to head to Tahoe after her son (?) tested positive for COVID-19. The post was shared on the subreddit called r/insanepeoplefacebook, and cross-posted on the Bay Area subreddit.

"Well it's been quite the year and we just got the news that Alex is positive with Covid, so now we have to quarantine at home for a few weeks," the Facebook post reads. "We decided to get away and go to Tahoe since it's not as crowded and Alex can still get out and about these next few weeks."

You can just read those two sentences over again and try to muffle your screams. Or not. I'll wait...

via Reddit

This wildly moronic person continues on saying that they opted not to dine indoors "because of Alex's positive test," but why cook at home when "there is a lot of places [sic] with outdoor dining!"

The woman posted a happy picture of the family to go with her post, and I still have a lot of questions. Here are five of them:

1) Does this woman read the news or just watch Fox News and banter on Facebook?

2) Did all of her friends and family completely troll and scream at her when she posted this, or just a few of them who read the news?

3) Can the entire Lake Tahoe region please ban these people for life?

4) How long after taking this picture did she start showing symptoms?

5) Why do incredibly, exasperatingly stupid people get to live in nice places like Mill Valley and I don't?

You can offer answers in the comments, or not. I am going to scream into a pillow and take a nap.

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Photo: Waldo Broodryk