A 44-year-old man was arrested Wednesday evening after he allegedly tried to pull two young boys out of a car in the Castro neighborhood.

The incident happened at the intersection of 17th and Sanchez around 7 p.m. Wednesday evening. As Bay City News reports, the suspect allegedly reached into the backseat of the vehicle and tried to grab the two boys, ages 2 and 4. A male family member in the vehicle got out and confronted the suspect and called police.

Neither of the boys was injured according to the Chronicle, and police have not responded with any further information about the incident.

Another attempted kidnapping happened in the Castro about a year ago, when an Australian man visiting San Francisco appeared to try to pull a two-year-old child away from his mother. 35-year-old Roscoe Holyoake was arrested in April 2019 and charged with kidnapping and child endangerment. According to SF County Jail records, he's remained in custody ever since, and his next court date is scheduled for July 1.

Holyoake had previously been implicated in a February 2019 incident in Sydney, Australia in which he allegedly asked a stranger if he could play with her child.

SFist will update you as more information about this latest alleged attempted kidnapping is released.

Photo: Google