After raising over $180K — procured largely from individual donations — the San Francisco Queer Nightlife Fund (QNF) announced a second round of fundraising Friday and, too, will accept new grant applications throughout May.

With nightlife growing into an increasingly digital experience, spurred by sheltering in place and social distancing orders, San Francisco’s beloved queer venues and bars are clinging onto survival. And the people who make their livings in our city’s queer nightlife circuit are in the same proverbial boat. But leave it to our LGBTQ community to unite in philanthropic fashions to help those workers — now with another round of fundraising.

QNF, spearheaded and organized by local powerhouses like Race Bannon and Juanita MORE!, released a press release Friday confirming past speculations: QNF will hold another fiscal campaign to offer assistance to nightlife workers.

“The SF QNF has raised more than $180,000 to date, the bulk of which will be paid out in the first round of grants,” reads the release. “We remain committed to supporting those workers who make the magic of queer nightlife in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

The criteria for applicants will remain the same as before; each candidate will also be reviewed by the SF QNF Grants Committee, their “personally identifying information” removed prior to avoid any situations of bias.  

Now through May 29, interested and relevant parties can apply here for a relief grant and those approved will be notified sometime in June.

“We are not alone, we are a community,” the release adds in closing. “We are resilient, and we will get through this together — just as we have throughout history.”

A weekly updated calendar of QNF-hosted virtual events can be found here.

The San Francisco Queer Nightlife fund is a Fiscally Sponsored Project of the Q Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so all donations are tax-deductible as well; consider donating at

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