The city made good on its vow to proactively smoke out any attempt at 4/20 gatherings in Robin Williams Meadow, as six-foot chain link fences are bolted together and barricading the area.

Mayor Breed and the chief of police were very clear last week that the city would have zero tolerance for any 4/20 congregations at Golden Gate Park’s Hippie Hill, as shelter-in-place remains very much in effect. Well, that magical stoner holiday is here, and a pretty solid-looking first line of defense is up and in place. SFist was at Hippie Hill at about 6 p.m. last night, when the meadow was emptied of all people and aggressively locked up to ensure no hippies could meet up on their namesake hill.

“Woo hoo! No 4/20!” shouted an elated jogger to no one in particular, this runner possibly being a neighborhood resident has had enough of this shit over the years.

As you can see, this is a Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival caliber of fencing, rather than the more crasher-prohibitive Outside Lands caliber of fencing. But the gating is quite thorough throughout the meadow’s perimeter.

The question, of course, is whether people smelling like Indo-nesia will still try to penetrate this fence. SFPD chief Bill Scott was unequivocal last week that “If we have to cite, if we have to arrest, we will."

Yet there is nothing for you here even if you did try. At Outside Lands, penetrating the fence might bring the reward of getting to watch Radiohead or something for free. Here, your reward may be the business end of a law enforcement baton.

SF park rangers cleared every remaining person from Robin Williams Meadow area starting at around 5:30 Sunday afternoon. Mr. Bongo-Drums-on-His-Head was among the last people cleared out, and we will add that the drum circle was socially distanced at a proper six feet while playing late Sunday afternoon. At 6:09 p.m., the last person was cleared from the meadow.

At exactly 6:21 p.m. Sunday, SF Rec and Parks rangers bolted the final gate shut, using some manner of power of tool that we could hear from a short distance away.

There are plenty of stoner celebrity livestreams in which you ought to partake, and for the safety of the pot-smoking community and San Francisco in general, you should avoid Golden Gate Park today if you’re on the fence about maybe going out there.

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Images: Joe Kukura, SFist