• The iconic City Lights Bookstore put up a GoFundMe campaign on Thursday seeking $300,000, and it's already exceeded that goal by $33,000. The bookstore hasn't been fulfilling orders because it is keeping its staff at home, and receiving full pay and benefits. [CBS SF]
  • An initial study of just 53 severe COVID-19 cases who received compassionate use doses of Gilead's antiviral drug remdesivir showed that there was clinical improvement in 68 percent. Gilead calls the results "hopeful," but further randomized study of the drug still has to occur. [New England Journal of Medicine]
  • The Registered Nurses Professional Association in Santa Clara is asking county leaders to extend paid sick leave beyond 14 days so that if any local nurses become infected they can adequately quarantine for as long as it takes to recover. [Bay City News]
  • Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday hinted a path to "some semblance of normalcy" after a "few more weeks" of the lockdown. [Chronicle]
  • There was a report Friday of a pipe bomb found in a shopping cart at an Oakland Safeway — but it turned out to be just an electrical conduit. [CBS SF]
  • Four Richmond District restaurants within four blocks were all burglarized on Friday. [SFGate]
  • Restaurants say they're being held hostage by GoFundMe, and the organization won't release money they've raised in fundraisers. [Eater]
  • The new Wise Sons Deli cookbook is out, and Eater says it's "kind of hilarious." [Eater]

Photo: Florian Wehde