Since Zoom-bombing is all the rage, actor John Krasinski decided to use the privacy-invading fad to surprise one nine-year-old girl who had a disappointing birthday last week and missed her chance to see Hamilton in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

Nine-year-old Aubrey's mom tweeted about the disappointment, noting that the family watched Mary Poppins Returns as a consolation prize — because Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda co-stars. And Krasinski, who's lately been doing YouTube broadcasts from his home under the auspices of a "channel" he created called SGN (Some Good News), and who happens to be married to Mary Poppins herself, Emily Blunt, found the tweet and decided to call up Aubrey on Zoom and introduce them.

He and Blunt bought tickets for Aubrey to see Hamilton in New York after this whole crisis subsides, but then Miranda did them one better. He hopped on the Zoom conference, and then brought in original Broadway cast members Leslie Odom Jr., Anthony Ramos, Oakland native Daveed Diggs, Philippa Soo, and Christopher Jackson who all "bombed" there way in to sing their parts of the opening number of the musical.

Aubrey, needless to say, was stunned and delighted. And this is giving me life today. (Lin-Manuel pops in around the 10:20 mark.)

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