Grammy Award-winning Bay Area artist Fantastic Negrito has just put out a music video for this song "Chocolate Samurai," which is dedicated to those of us in isolation, and has the timely refrain, "Have you lost your mind yet?!"

Fantastic Negrito posted the video to YouTube on Friday and KQED picked it up this morning, and I must say it's a good and lively balm amidst the barrage of shitty and scary news today.

As he says, "I asked people around the world to send me footage of how they're coping with corona virus... this is what came back. A moment of light. We may be isolated behind closed doors, but we are in this together."

I continue to seek out inspiring and comforting tonics like this for this regular column, which you'll see several times a week on SFist amid the mostly terrifying news stories. Last week, it was David Byrne's new website Reasons to Be Cheerful (and his music), and the spate of live living room performances you can now watch by drag queens and musical theater stars.

Good and hopeful things are coming out of this crisis every day, and if you see one, feel free to let me know in the comments.