Muttville Senior Dog Rescue has had to put 84 dogs into foster homes this week as it temporarily shuts down its adoption events and Alabama Street headquarters, and founder Sherri Franklin is foster 12 dogs at her own home.

ABC 7 took its cameras to Franklin's home for a segment on Wednesday, as Muttville is trying to get out the word about its adoptable dogs. As the organization writes on Facebook, "While so many are working from home, it's a good time for a dog to get accustomed to you and your home, help save lives!"

Muttville was founded in 2007 after Franklin took it upon herself to begin rescuing and sheltering senior dogs, who are often considered less adoptable at traditional shelters. The organization now rescues as many as 1,000 dogs per year, focusing on getting them foster homes as well adopting them out.

Among the pooches who are waiting for forever homes are Carol Burnett, and friends:

Get in touch with Muttville via their website or email [email protected] if you want to meet one of these little guys or gals.