Whoever is running the Instagram account @sanfrancisco.city, which has otherwise been a fairly innocuous account that sticks to pretty photos of San Francisco, just revealed that they reside somewhere far from San Francisco and in a land that is still listening to Donald Trump. Or maybe Russia.

The account currently boasts 176,000 followers, though that count may slide as people look at this post, screenshot below, saying, "Hope you guys all good. We wish you all to get out of this situation safe and sound," with a video of Trump's absurd Oval Office speech from earlier this week.

I think most of San Francisco can agree that we have the worst president possible to see us through this crisis, and one who has already made the country a far more dangerous place for those with underlying health conditions who could contract the coronavirus. (The Atlantic is declaring the Trump presidency "over" as of this week's escalation in the crisis, though in reality it is still far from over.)

And while the message of hope is nice, adding it along with the posting of this video — and the hashtag #worldstar?? — feels like some sort of condescending bullshit. Was this meant to troll us?

So, whoever you are @sanfrancisco.city, please do fuck off. And also please realize that this isn't a Bay Area problem, and it will be a problem wherever you are soon.