As coronavirus panic truly takes hold in San Francisco this week and tens of thousands of downtown office workers are telecommuting, the Muni Metro was near empty during the prime time of 8:30 this morning.

Salesforce was the latest major company to tell its employees to work from home today, but orders have already gone out to many companies' staffs both large and small — including Amazon, Airbnb, Facebook, and Google. For Salesforce and Amazon's local offices, the guidance is to stay home for the rest of March.

As of last week, BART says ridership on its trains was down 8 percent, as the Examiner is reporting.

Photo: Jeff Deeter

The immediate impacts on the local economy will be felt by all downtown restaurants, bars, and retail stores as the daytime population of San Francisco drastically dwindles for weeks on end. Additionally, multiple conventions at the Moscone Center have canceled this month, including the major Game Developers Conference, and the SF Travel Association estimates the economic loss to the city is $138 million and counting.

SF's typical daytime population is estimated to be over 1 million people, with an estimated (pre-census) resident count of 889,360, and a net increase of between 250,000 and 300,000 non-residents on weekdays.

The city of SF has also called off the St. Patrick's Day parade, and said that all non-essential gatherings on city property are cancelled until further notice.

At least we're getting some rain?