A pair of inmates from San Joaquin County Jail escaped from custody Thursday morning in San Francisco and they remain on the loose.

The two men, 23-year-old Elijah Ismael Cervantes and 34-year-old Stevie Lashawn Wilson, were with a group of five inmates from San Joaquin County who were in the city to interview at the Delancey Street Foundation — the 49-year-old rehabilitation program at 600 Embarcadero for the formerly incarcerated, formerly homeless, and those with substance abuse issues. As KPIX reports, Cervantes was last seen around 10:45 a.m. and Wilson was last seen around 1:45 p.m.

Both men were on court-ordered day passes to seek acceptance into the Delancey Street program.

Photos via San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office

As KXTV reports, Cervantes was just arrested in December for an attempted carjacking in Stockton that was caught on video. He is accused of trying to steal a woman's SUV while her three kids were still inside of it, and he was successfully fended off by the woman and several good Samaritans — the video features a shout of "World Star" as the Samaritans drag him out of the car.

Wilson was in jail for second-degree robbery, carrying an unregistered loaded handgun, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and illegally possessing ammunition, per KPIX.

The SFPD says it was informed of the felons' escape, and anyone with information about the two men's whereabouts is asked to call the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office at 209-468-4400.