Preliminary results are in from Tuesday's primary election in San Francisco, and while Bernie Sanders won a plurality with 39,571 votes (32.72%), Elizabeth Warren did quite well here with about as many votes as Joe Biden.

The SF Department of Elections is saying about 29 percent of registered voters in the city took part in the election, 144,667 people in all, with about half going to polling places on election day and half mailing in their ballots. But the department has also said that there are around 104,000 ballots (78,000 mail-ins, 26,000 provisional and conditional) still left to be counted, which means that voter turnout was actually quite good in SF — around 49 percent.

Warren took a commanding share of votes in District 8, in and around the Castro — proving her support in the LGBTQ community — but only received 21 percent of the vote as of the current count. Biden received about 1,000 more votes to clock in at 22 percent thus far.

The map below created by Chris Arvin shows the breakdown as it stands, by neighborhood. Notably Biden's clusters of support seem to be around Pacific Heights, the Marina, West Portal, and Forest Hill.

Screenshot via Chris Arvin

Also, unsurprisingly, Nancy Pelosi won her primary, with over 72 percent of the vote.

See more details on the ballot proposition results here.