A new three-minute ad from the Bernie Sanders campaign is squarely aimed at Democratic voters in California, and makes the case that only Sanders will have what it takes to fight corporate interests like PG&E that value profits over human life.

The ad speaks to survivors of the 2017 wine country fires and the 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise, as well as activists and environmentalists, all telling a tale we know too well about PG&E's role in the fires and its subsequent bankruptcy — something about which one fire victim says, "The only reason they filed was to limit the payouts they might have to make on claims."

"Having an ally in the White House in the form of Bernie Sanders would just be a transformative change for this fight," says another activist.

Do note that in the interest of dramatic footage, the video does include an image from an unrelated Los Angeles fire in December 2017, at the 0:50 mark, which PG&E did not cause.

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