As we wait on the Iowa Democratic Party to give us the final results of last night's disastrously sloppy caucuses, a video has come in from one of the caucus precincts in Iowa where a woman covered in Pete Buttigieg stickers finds out for the first time — astonishingly! — that her chosen candidate is indeed a homosexual.

"So are you saying that he has a same-sex partner?" the woman asks, incredulously, freshly out from under a large and heavy rock.

What follows is a highly awkward exchange between the woman and a chipper young Buttigieg campaign staffer/volunteer in which the woman asks to take back her caucus card. "But you signed it," the staffer says. She proceeds to try to convince the woman that Buttigieg's sexuality shouldn't matter, that he's still "a human being," and the older woman is clearly unconvinced and says he should read the Bible. Yay, America!

Buttigieg may have won Iowa — we'll know in a couple hours — and he's already made statements to that effect on Tuesday morning. He was on CBS This Morning today saying that last night "was a phenomenal night for us" based on his staffers' reports from 1,200 precincts.

Still, the video above makes one wonder if Pete being gay isn't still a sticking point for a lot of middle America! The same was of course said about race and Barack Obama's ascendant campaign, especially after he improbably won over Iowans in 2008. So sure, it's still anybody's game.

[h/t: Public Freakout/Reddit]

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