A man who had just been kicked out of a crowded sports bar near AT&T Park Sunday night, right around the time that the 49ers were looking clearly like they were going to lose, allegedly pushed his way back in minutes later and randomly opened fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

As bartender Michael Bowens tells NBC Bay Area, "It cold have been a lot worse... with six shots fired just randomly. It could have ricocheted and hit anybody. I think everybody is just kind of lucky in the sense nobody was hurt." Bowens says he heard two or three shots inside the bar, and then the man exited and allegedly shot two more times into the space, with one bullet going through the front glass door.

This all happened at the Polo Grounds Pub & Grill (747 Third Street) near China Basin, and ABC 7 reports via the SFPD that the shots were fired around 7:04 p.m. The suspect then got into a maroon SUV, and per NBC Bay Area, allegedly sideswiped a grey Toyota before plowing his own car into a streetlight on Fourth Street. The injured suspect was then arrested and taken to the hospital, and a weapon was recovered at the scene.  

The man had reportedly just been involved in a fight with a woman inside the bar, which was caught on surveillance video, per NBC Bay Area.

Ravi Sharma, who had been inside an Indian restaurant next door to the bar, tells ABC 7 that everyone there immediately ran to the kitchen when they heard the shots. "We were just like what's going on? Should we lock the doors, is the shooter going to come inside here?" he tells the station.

As Fresno-based ABC30 reports, another man was shot and killed during a Super Bowl argument Sunday night in Fresno. That 24-year-old has been identified as Frank Rojas, and he was shot during a Super Bowl watch party in which he and another individual were reportedly rooting for different teams.