A complaint arrived from an SFist reader this week who found that his Uber account had suddenly been disabled while he was traveling in Hawaii. To make matters worse, he had an Uber Cash balance on the account of over $1,400.

According to local Uber customer Brett Marlin, he complained to the company after finding his account disabled for no apparent reason, and he found that "Those lucky enough to get responses [from Uber] are given a boilerplate message that they have 'violated the Terms of Use.'"

A quick search on Twitter called up multiple similar complaints from Uber customers with cash balances, which led SFist to inquire with Uber about whether a legitimate error had occurred.

A rep for Uber confirms that a "small number" of accounts were disabled due to an operational error in the last day or so, and the company regrets the inconvenience. The problem, according to the rep, has been "100-percent mitigated," and "all impacted accounts have been restored."

As for whether the issue only came up for users with Uber Cash balances, that remains under investigation.

Below, some of the Twitter vitriol from before the issue was resolved, circa Monday: