Another 90s vestige on Valencia Street has said goodbye without much fanfare, and this time it's Valencia Pizza & Pasta (801 Valencia Street). The restaurant sits in the same building as the equally old Burger Joint, which closed two weeks ago, and both restaurant spaces are for rent.

The humble Valencia Pizza & Pasta maintained a loyal clientele among locals and longtime denizens of the neighborhood who were fans of its simple pastas, solid meatballs, and neighborhood-record-breaking cheap wine (like $15 a bottle cheap). The pizza was never good, and the service was touch and go, but like a lot of places with a history this long in its SF neighborhood, it was a charming relic that injected a much-needed value proposition in our ultra-expensive times.

As Hoodline reports, the restaurant made no big announcement and couldn't be reached for comment, but Yelp has marked it as closed and there's a "for rent" sign in its window.

Just like Burger Joint next door, Valencia Pizza & Pasta had to close in early December for a seismic retrofit project that is still not yet complete. And like Burger Joint, it looks like the owners are using the opportunity to call it quits and let go of staff.

So, farewell Valencia Pizza & Pasta and your signage font that was so 90s it belonged on a snowboarder's hoodie. We're not likely to see $15 bottles of wine on that corner of 19th Street ever again, unless somebody's brown-bagging it.